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Bonded Warehousing

Our bonded warehouse in Dover is HM Revenue & Customs approved and provides secure warehouse storage for bonded goods such as wine, spirits and tobacco products.

Bonded warehousing is crucial to travel retail clients who need secure storage for duty free products before they can be distributed to airport shops and outlets onboard ferries, cruise ships and airlines.

Goods are stored in perfect ambient conditions with full supply chain and supporting services including Duty Management, Consolidation, HMRC Documentation and Transport, Deliveries and Logistics.

Our bonded warehouses are totally secure, with secured entry and high level, round-the-clock security.

Warehousing and Storage

CG Hibbert specialises in the storage and warehousing of bonded products such as alcohol and cigarettes. However we also offer secure warehouse storage for goods that do not require our bonded services.

Our warehouses in Dover are clean, modern and totally secure, and goods are stored and supervised with meticulous standards of quality and care.

Both short and long term storage options are available, giving clients the valuable flexibility to buy and store large consignments or seasonal goods - or simply buy when markets are favourable and store until required.

We have dedicated in house rework team for extensive adjustments such as Russian labels, fiscal stamps and various health warnings, and we offer bespoke reworks such as labelling and gift packaging. Please contact us with your requirements.

Transport, Deliveries and Logistics

We transport and deliver goods UK and Europe-wide with our fleet of modern vehicles and fully qualified, highly experienced drivers.

Our distribution team is skilled in preparing loads and delivery schedules, maximizing space and minimizing mileage for savings and efficiency all round.

We understand our customer needs to receive product in full on time and we react accordingly. Our deliveries distribute across the UK and Europe every day of the week.

HMRC Documentation

We offer full HMRC documentation provision, handling and advice services to save clients the time and hassle of filling in complicated government paperwork.

All necessary documentation is prepared for goods sent from our warehouse, including calculating any customs duty or VAT due and providing full disclosure when required.

Allowing our experts to take care of HMRC documentation avoids mistakes and oversights that can cause significant delays, expense and inconvenience throughout the supply chain.

Duty Management

Clients can minimize the time and hassle spent preparing paperwork and paying duty on goods imported into the UK by using our Duty Management service.

Dutiable goods are held in our secure HMRC authorised bonded warehouse until they are distributed to retail sites throughout the UK, when duty becomes payable.

Our highly experienced team will prepare and calculate any duties applicable and - as required by HMRC - log all movements of excised goods from import to final delivery.

With HMRC approved duty payment facilities on site we avoid delays in dispatch and goods can be unloaded - without waiting for clearance – immediately on delivery.

Consolidation of Bonded Stores

Product consolidation offers a number of benefits to retailers. It improves yield by reducing supply and delivery costs, and it allows outlets to sell a wider range of products in store.

We stock a huge range of bonded goods, many of which are made by a single brand. Retailers can mix and select products from any or all these brands, saving time, reducing deliveries and improving performance all round.

Where possible we will always consolidate our deliveries, both to reduce overall deliveries to one client or destination and to maximize the efficiency of our fleet.

Containerization to Ports Worldwide

We work with travel retailers worldwide. We regularly pack and dispatch bonded goods into containers which then travel by sea to ports around the world.

Our team of experts can handle all the import and export paperwork necessary, and will provide the documents and audit trails required for all bonded stock received, stored, distributed and dispatched.

Travel Retail Distribution

We are an official distributor for Pernod Ricard, dispatching and delivering their wines and spirits to travel retail and duty free outlets throughout Europe and the UK.

We are the approved distributors for the Imperial Tobacco total product range within the Ferry & Cruise and Ship Chandlers businesses throughout the UK.

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